Auriculo 3D 3.0.9 Full Crack

Auriculo 3D 3.0.9 Full Crack

Auriculo 3D Full Crack Patch – The World’s Most Powerful Auriculotherapy Software! Whether you’re looking for rapid pain relief, addiction recovery, stress management or health improvement, auriculotherapy has achieved results for thousands of years-often more quickly and powerfully than any other treatment. Also known as auriculo acupuncture, auriculotherapy focuses on correcting underlying energy imbalances to get rapid results. Properly administered, auriculotherapy often provides faster results than any other treatment.

Auriculo 3D Full Crack

Features of Auriculo 3D

Auriculo 3D Full Crack helps you master this powerful therapy—without paging through dozens of books or consulting confusing charts. There are over 300 recognized auriculotherapy points on the ear, and thousands of combinations to treat nearly any problem imaginable. Designed for both clinical use and personal study, Auriculo 3D puts all this information at your fingertips with the click of a mouse.

Every ear is a little different, and with hundreds of auriculotherapy points on the ear, it’s practically impossible to remember where all of them are and locate them accurately.

It gets even more complex when you start combining points into treatment protocols. You don’t need failed treatments or guesswork, and giving up or just doing something else isn’t the answer. You need to know where the points are and what combinations are effective for specific ailments.

Auriculo 3D Full Crack Patch with over 300 auriculotherapy points on a single ear, you need a quick and accurate way to locate points. Sure, you can flip through 10 textbooks to find the protocol you’re looking for, the right points to treat a headache or try to find “Shen Men” on the left ear while looking at a chart with a 2D, right ear.

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