BrainWave Generator 3.1.12 Full Crack

BrainWave Generator 3.1.12 Full Crack

BrainWave Generator Full Crack Patch is a lightweight software application whose purpose is to help you generate binaural beats for acquiring a specific state, be it relaxation or attention. Generate binaural beats that change your brain frequency towards the desired state and choose between several preset programs or design your own one

BrainWave Generator Full Crack

Features of BrainWave Generator

BrainWave Generator Full Crack employs a wizard-like approach for helping you set up your sound system. You can perform several tests in order to check if the orientation of your left and right headphones is correct and stereo sound has no special effects.

Possibility to create and save your own brainwave entrainment presets with a very easy-to-use user interface. A context-sensitive online help is also included. o More than 20 built-in presets ranging from sleep-induction to headache alleviation.

BrainWave Generator Full Crack Patch sports a clean layout that embeds only a few playback buttons for helping you control the current audio selection, namely play or stop the audio streams.

Brainwave entrainment presets can be exported as files and imported back, so that exchanging presets between different users becomes very easy. Instead of playing, output can also be saved into a .WAV file. This allows you to further convert the .WAV to MP3, or store it onto a CD.

Selection of 18 different background sounds ranging from gently flowing river to roll of thunder. External .wav files can also be used as backgrounds. o Possibility to use noise as the background. The noise can be smoothly varied from “harsh” white noise to “gentle” brown noise and anything in between. Noise smoothness is a parameter which can be programmed just as any other parameter, like the binaural frequency.

Brainwave entrainment presets can be of any complexity. Parameters such as binaural beat frequency, volume, audible pitch, modulation, waveform and background can all be individually programmed. Parameters can also be set to track each other. See the screenshot below for an example.

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