ExtremeCopy 2.3.4 Pro Full Crack

ExtremeCopy 2.3.4 Pro Full Crack

The program is integrated in the Windows shell and actually replaces the paste keyboard shortcut when you are working with files or folders. It is also present in the context menu where you can find the option to paste the file normally or to launch the app.

ExtremeCopy 2.3.4 Pro Full Crack

You can use the context menu to launch the main window of the application in order to select the items that you need to copy and the destination. The dialog also allows you to filter the files that you need to copy by using wildcards.

The advanced settings enables you to change the behavior of the application when it needs to overwrite a file or it encounters an error. You can configure the program to confirm the action or to perform a preset action if certain criteria are met.

If you need to perform a file transfer more than once, the task parameters can easily be saved and loaded later. This option combined with the ability to configure the file replacement criteria allows you to use the app as a folder synchronization tool.

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ExtremeCopy 2.3.4 Pro

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