Gnaural 1.0.20110606 Full Free

Gnaural 1.0.20110606 Full Free

Gnaural is an open-source Windows application whose purpose is to help you generate binaural beats in order to change your brain states using different sound patterns.

Gnaural 1.0.20110606 Full Free

The GUI looks a bit crowded so you need extra time in order to decode its features. A help manual is included in the package but includes only details about the actions that can be triggered with the aid of hotkeys. Online video tutorials show details about the configuration process.

A brand-new binaural beat schedule can be generated by providing information about the title, description and author. In addition, you are allowed to adjust the volume and balance, swap stereo and output mono streams.

Gnaural integrates a graph in the main window which can be used for recording information about the base or beat frequency, volume and stereo balance. Playback buttons help you start, stop, rewind or forward the current audio selection.

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