WinDataReflector 3.6.2 Full Crack

WinDataReflector 3.6.2 Full Crack

WinDataReflector supports synchronizing files and data to Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, FTP, and SFTP. It can sync files between a local folder or network share and a cloud folder or two cloud folders. Changes made to either the left or correct folder are mirrored to the other folder making them identical, and you can also configure WinDataReflector only to propagate specific changes.

WinDataReflector 3.6.2 Full Crack

Recognize external hard disks and flash drives by volume label, regardless of drive letter, and optionally start backup and synchronization tasks automatically whenever a flash drive or external disk is connected to the computer. WinDataReflector’s default configuration is set never to delete files to avoid accidental file deletion. However, you can change it to either move deleted files to recycle bin or permanently delete files.

In addition to timestamp and size comparisons, WinDataReflector also supports using CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) checksums to compare files and verify their integrity after copying. Add commands to be executed before and after applying backup and synchronization tasks. Commands can include certain programs to be launched with specific command line arguments or executable batch files.

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WinDataReflector 3.6.2 Portable

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