Youtube-dl-GUI 1.35 Full Free

Youtube-dl-GUI 1.35 Full Free

Youtube-DL-Gui Portable is a a graphical user interface to download video/audio from youtube, twitch and many other sites. It is powered by youtube-dl. This can be used to download music/audio/videos.

Youtube-dl-GUI 1.35 Full Free

You have the options to download entire playlists, download videos and/or audio only. If using the audio only options you are able to encode the audio on the fly to a different codec of your choice or download it directly without re-encoding.

youtube-dl-gui is a video streaming downloader. This program simplifies the youtube-dl application by rg3, and gives it a user friendly interface for downloading from websites. May require ffmpeg(put ffmpeg.exe and ffprobe.exe in same folder as youtube-dl-gui.exe). Requires .NET Framework 4.5 or higher.

Download Youtube-dl-GUI Full Free

Youtube-DL-Gui 1.35 Portable

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